Training Recap Week 29 – Finding My Groove And Some Trails

With my first race of 2017 done, its time to look forward and prepare for the Hardmoors Wainstones marathon. 17 miles around Sutton Bank was tough but the race went well and helped build on […]

Hardmoors White Horse Trail Half Marathon 2017 Race Report

I have a love hate relationship with running, or at least I used to. Pre six months ago I battled with injuries and couldn’t imagine ever finishing let alone enjoying the longer distances. Six months […]

Training Recap Week 26 – One Week Till Hardmoors White Horse

As I sit here writing this update, Jon Steel has announced (on Facebook) a change to the Hardmoors White Horse half marathon, an additional 1.8 miles and 1000ft climb. Thankfully this turned out to be an April fools, […]

Knee Pain And Thigh Strains – If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

My affair with injury began five years back training once a week to compete in 10K’s and half marathons. While pushing the pace or hitting 8-9 miles my legs would rebel, resulting in swollen, niggly knees […]

Training Recap Week 25 – The Moors And Unhelpful Expectations

Two weeks today I will run the Hardmoors White Horse Half Marathon, 16 miles up hill, down dale and an event 6 months in the making. Wow, has it really been six months since I […]

Training Recap Week 24 – Crewing For Kim And Purposeful Practice

Well, that was a busy week! From hill sessions, to endurance, LSR, recovery and even crewing the Hardmoors 55. Shaking off a calf niggle/tightness from last week, my mood was down to say the least. […]

Training Recap Week 23 – The Shackles Are Off

You may be wondering, ‘what happened to weeks 21 and 22?’ or ‘does he really think we pay that much attention.’ Well, I spent the week skiing in Austria. A wonderful experience and hopefully a […]

Understanding My Inner Chimp To Train And Race Better

Can’t be assed with training and lack the motivation to run? Do you face a consistent inner battle to achieve your goals, despite the will to see them through? Reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ helped me […]

Weeks 17-20 Training Recap – Base Complete

From a park run PB to ascending the equivalent of Green Gable, weeks 17 through 20 have been great. My first four months were an introduction to ‘proper’ training and revolved around consistent, purposeful practice. Month five was about finalizing my […]

What Makes A Good Runner – Talent, Hard Work Or Purposeful Practice

What makes a good runner? Talent, hard work or purposeful practice? The answer will vary on who you ask but the question itself fascinates me. Many believe natural talent takes the lead and our progress is limited by physique. […]