About Us

We believe in hard work, dedication and pure grit, here at TTP we run to test the limits of our talent and challenge our potential. We may not be the best runners in the pack, hence the title, but we believe hard work can beat natural talent, when talent doesn't sweat.

We welcome any like minded runners to come on board and share their experience. Our dream for Trailing The Pack is to create not just a community, but a support group! Please feel free to get in touch. Running is much more fun in a pack!

 Meet the Team


Darren Smith
Darren has high ambitions for 2018 and sees 2017 as a transitional year. Completing his first trail half and full marathons Darren has the bug. With an eye on competing in the future, Darren has to work hard to make up for a lack of natural talent. He started "Trailing The Pack" to chronicle the journey and share his trip.


Matty McNamara
Struggling through injury Matty spent months developing his muscle balance and progressed his training to run some of the toughest Ultra's in Yorkshire. An amazing story for someone once told by the NHS to give up running. Hardmoor's 60 and 30 ticked off, Matty has an impressive T-shirt collection and great Ultra experience considering his age.

Join Our Team

If you love Trail running and want to share your story please get in touch. We are always on the look out for new contributors. Simply email me at darrensmith360@googlemail.com