Climbing Snowdon – It Could Have Been So Bad

Mountains are great fun to climb but they shouldn’t be underestimated. One bad decision, one mistake, can land you in very big trouble. It is so important to think clearly and make good decisions no […]

Knee Pain And Thigh Strains – If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes

My affair with injury began five years back training once a week to compete in 10K’s and half marathons. While pushing the pace or hitting 8-9 miles my legs would rebel, resulting in swollen, niggly knees […]

Understanding My Inner Chimp To Train And Race Better

Can’t be assed with training and lack the motivation to run? Do you face a consistent inner battle to achieve your goals, despite the will to see them through? Reading ‘The Chimp Paradox’ helped me […]

What Makes A Good Runner – Talent, Hard Work Or Purposeful Practice

What makes a good runner? Talent, hard work or purposeful practice? The answer will vary on who you ask but the question itself fascinates me. Many believe natural talent takes the lead and our progress is limited by physique. […]

Barefoot Running – Its Just Like Marmite

Have you ever wondered, why run barefoot? Doesn’t it hurt your legs, is it for everyone and why do people rave about it? Can barefoot running truly transform your form, making you a better runner? Well […]