Its All About That Base – October To January Training

First off, apologies to anyone left humming that Meghan Trainor song! But the lyrics are very relevant to my first four months of training which revolve around…you guessed, base work. I have a tendency to run once […]

Rebuilding An Ultra Runner – From Injury To The Hardmoors 60 Part One

Hi, I’m Matty and my love affair with Trail Running has proved a test at times. But I have learnt a lot and think my story may be helpful and ring true to many others […]

Plans For 2017

During the last post, ‘My Ultra Running Journey – Getting Started’ I shared a personal background in running, or lack there of. Training 1-2 times a week I averaged 7-14 sporadic weekly miles. This got me through […]

My Ultra Running Journey – Getting Started

Two questions had to be addressed before I could really start marathon training…how do I stay injury free? And how do I build my mileage? Like anything, getting started is hard but before I can […]