Rebuilding An Ultra Runner – From Injury To The Hardmoors 60 Part Two

If you haven’t already, please read part one before carrying on.

Part one ended injury free, I was ecstatic to be running 35 miles a week and raring to race the Hardmoors 55 at my second attempt…then boom! Car crash!

A Poor Stroke Of Luck

Sat in stationary traffic someone collided into me at 50mph, severely spraining my ankle and inducing whiplash. With the Hardmoors 55 just one week away I had to pull out…2015 was a DNF and 2016 was a did not start. I could cry, a years work down the pan, again!

I took a month off, waiting for the injuries to heal then slowly built myself back up with biking and rowing before reintroducing shorter runs. Then, after speaking with Jon Steele my 55 place was deferred to the Hardmoors 60, I cannot thank him enough for doing that.

All Roads Lead To The Hardmoors 60 Start-line

With 4 months until the big race I set about building my fitness and prepared for another attempt at my first Ultra. Hard work heaved my distance up to 30 or 40 miles a week while strength and conditioning improved my durability. I was feeling fit and raring to go.

Race day arrives as I toe the line, feeling good and grateful for the opportunity to race. Bar some ill fitting shoes I enjoyed the perfect race and finished well. Miles 22 to 30 were a dark patch, I even considered excuses to pull out but persevered and came through strong on the other side. With a time of 13 hours and 4 minutes I finished 39th.

My nutrition was perfect and played a major role, a plan I’ll stick too for future races. After all I endured, the injury, uncertainty, the ups and the downs I finished my first Ultra!

The Grandslam

I awoke the morning after proud but stiff as a board. Laura laughed as I claimed, ‘never again!’ Of course, the following day saw me signed up to the Hardmoors Grandslam. Four Ultra races, 30, 55, 200 and 60 miles all in the same year. I completed the 30 on New Years Day in 5 hours 3 minutes and 29th position, conditions were less than favourable. The course was a mud bath and I was surprised to stay on my feet. Thanks to Wayne for the sprint finish and keeping me company during the last 20 or so miles.

During the build up to this race I started seeing Jayson Cavill. He has provided me a training plan for my toughest race, the Hardmoors 200 but my next challenge is a third attempt at the Hardmoors 55. Injury hampered my attempt in 2015, a car crash halted 2016 so fingers crossed for 2017!

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Matty McNamara

Struggling through injury Matty spent months developing his muscle balance and progressed his training to run some of the toughest Ultra's in Yorkshire. Hardmoor's 60 and 30 ticked off, Matty plans to run the Hardmoors 200 mile race in May.

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