SKINS Essential Compression Running Arm Sleeves Review

running arm sleevesIf you think running arm sleeves are a fashion fad, an aesthetics pleaser, then think again. With many uses from UV protection to wind blocking they now form part of my core kit. I use SKINS Essential compression running arm Sleeves when its windy, sunny or even cold.

How many times have you pulled on a long sleeved top just to regret it an hour in, sweating, clammy and unable to release the heat. The solution; wear your tee with arm warmers that can be easily removed later. The second solution comes in hot conditions. The best compression sleeves double up as uv arm protection sleeves. Being fair haired I suffer in the heat and lotion can rub off with sweat. A decent, cooling arm sleeve offers the perfect solution.

SKINS running arm sleeves

Running Arm Sleeves – Review

Most running sleeves for arms are actually made for the lower limbs. I found these rough and/or tight causing irritation. SKINS compression sleeves are silky smooth and designed with the arm in mind. That word ‘compression’, isn’t a fair reflection on how comfortable these sleeves are.

The material used is stretchy, thin offering great breath-ability. Mesh around the elbow helps with cooling. I experienced a minimal amount of sweat build up running in 20 degree heat during a 4 hour session in the Lake District. For me they passed with flying colours, the fact I could leave them on all day was a massive bonus. No nasty red bits, making these my best arm sleeves for sun protection.

Another interesting feature; arm pumping generated a stream of air which helped cool things down. Running in that heat will at times feel clammy wearing any UV arm protector sleeves, but I was comfortable.

My main concern pre-run was circulation. I expected the elastic top and bottom to dig in but this was in vein, despite holding the sleeve in place there was no restriction. As with all SKINS sportswear the build quality is excellent.

I am yet to test these as arm warmers for running. I did however manage one run in windy conditions and didn’t experience the usual bite such weather can induce. I often finish these sessions with glowing red so the SKINS running arm sleeves held up again.

All in all a great piece of kit and quite versatile. I like gear which offers a solution to problems so highly recommended. As mentioned my biggest battle is with the sun so I’ll don these arm sleeves for sun protection during the Scafell Skyrace, thats one less body part to smother in lotion!

running arm sleeves on Scafell Pike

Buy SKINS Essential Compression Running Arm Sleeves Discounted

I have a special discount code for you to use across the SKINS website. If you fancy testing some gear nows the time to try.

For 20% off, making the sleeves £28 simply follow this link and enter ‘DARREN20’ in the discount code field upon checkout.

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