Running Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis And Pronating

running insoles for plantar fasciitisMore than two million Americans are treated for plantar fasciitis every year, its the most common cause of foot pain and an injury I have battled since running. I have worked hard to correct my weakness’ causing the injury, but without day to day arch support its in vein. That is why I want to share my running insoles for plantar fasciitis and the reason I am now pain free.

This post will explain why you need arch support in simple, no jargon running terms. I will then explain how Soul Insoles help and in what shoes, spoiler, they work for all even sandals.

Many running injuries start from the bottom and work their way up. For instance I also pronate (role my knees in) which causes knee pain. Soul Insoles are the best running orthotics for pronation because they correct the position of your foot, which re-alligns your whole body. Let me explain more.

Running Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

The picture below shows your plantar fascia in its natural position. Do you see how it curves to the arch of your foot?

Now look what happens to the fascia if you have fallen arches, or pronate etc. The plantar fascia stretches leading to tears forming anywhere from the arch to heal. Without running insoles for plantar fasciitis these injuries will form scar tissue and keep tearing every time the fascia is stretched.

Rest and fixing the source of your plantar injury is paramount to long term recovery, however, the only way to achieve immediate relief and stop the fascia re-tearing is by wearing specific running insoles for plantar fasciitis. They will correct the position of your foot to its natural alignment.

Soul Insoles sit just below your heal, propping up the arch for maximum support. This not only relieves the plantar fascia but also works its way up. I used to have serious knee pain before using insoles, that disappeared over night.

My knee pain was a result of over pronation stemming from weak glutes and fallen arches.

Best Running Insoles For Pronating

The picture below shows pronation of the knee but its clear to see how the arch collapses also. This played havoc with the muscles and ligaments surrounding my knee joint, I couldn’t run 10K pain free and eventually suffered a lengthy lay off.

Of course strengthening the glutes, arch and other muscles has been a priority, but this takes time and runners aren’t known for enjoying a time out. I found sole insoles the best running insoles for pronation because they corrected the alignment of my arch forcing my knees to bend over the middle toe.

Running Insoles To Fit Any Shoe

There are many running insoles for plantar fasciitis but very few will fit any shoe. I have used two previous to soul insoles, both were not suitable for almost all Salomon and Inov-8 running shoes. Because most insoles are full length with heal support they prop the whole foot up and require a wide fitting shoe. The majority of racing shoes are precision fit these days and I found full length insoles very uncomfortable despite enjoying them with wider fitting products.

Sole Insoles are a small, sticky back gel which sits beneath your arch. They support your foot, correcting its alignment without changing the position of your heal or taking up room in already tight fitting shoes.

Running insole to fit any shoe

Running insoles to fit any shoe, thats a bold statement but I’m making it! I can now wear Salomon S-Lab Sense 7’s and the entire Inov range including their precision fit Inov-8 x-talon 210 with sticky grip. These shoes simply weren’t available to me before.

Buy Soul Insoles

Soul Insoles cost the same as any other good running shoe orthotics. An America company they charge in dollars at $29.99 a pair and will ship to internationally including England. Selecting the standard shipping option costs just $4, I received mine in one week, this is the normal delivery time. You can get a further 10% discount when buying three pairs, just use code ‘b310’ and shipping is free.

You can get more information and buy Soul Insoles by clicking the link or image below. But before you do, check the sizing guide below.

How To Fit Soul Insoles

It is very important to fit Soul Insoles micro sized orthotics correctly. The short video below shows how this is done and also how to clean the product for reuse. I switch daily from walking to running shoes and haven’t experienced a problem. The back even retains its adhesion wash after wash. Below are a few bullet point tips from me.

  • Place the insole ‘under’ your shoes liner, this will help make the arch support feel natural and stay in place.
  • The running insoles should curve up your inner arch and sit below the heel, fixed around the middle of your shoe.
  • Wear Soul Insoles in slowly. It is recommended to use for one hour on day one, then two the second and so on. Your foot does need time to adapt to its new position, regardless of how comfortable the insoles may feel.

Soul Insoles Sizing Guide

Follow the sizing guide on Soul Insoles website, but beware of running shoes with a rocker bottom or motion control. I wear the Scott Supertrac RC, Scott Kinabalu RC and was trying the Hoka Challenger, all of which have this feature. If your shoes are the same, you should go one size lower than the sizing guide.

For instance, I am a UK 8.5 so fall under medium size, but I bought the small insoles to wear with my Scotts and Hoka’s, which is stated as suitable for upto 5.5. The rocker motion naturally raises the middle of your foot, so its important to size lower in order to avoid discomfort. Any other, standard shoe should size to the guide.

I love my insoles regardless of the shoe I wear. They feel comfortable and I noticed less shock absorption while running.

If in doubt ask, you can email me on, I am happy to answer any questions.

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