SKINS A400 3/4 Compression Tights Review + 20% Off

I prefer shorts when running but cold mornings and brisk nights call for something more substantial. I have tested  SKINS A400 3/4 compression tights for a few months now and they seem a great alternative.

To say I’m not a believer in compression gear during exercise is fair. I don’t disagree with it, just never found compression tights comfortable.

I often find the fitting poor; either too tight around the waist and butt, or pulling around the knee. That is until trying SKINS, I have banged on about quality in my previous reviews. SKINS shorts tailored a rubber logo and durable toggles, the sleeves were silky smooth boasting an innovative cooling design. Now the SKINS A400 3/4 compression tights have followed suit.

SKINS A400 3/4 compression tights best use

These compression tights are my go to gear for early morning, warmer weather runs. We do get a Summer in England – honest – but the mornings are almost always brisk. Grass covered in dew, mist floating around higher ground and a certain bite in the air can be common. I overheat quicker than an Alsatian so full body cover is a waste of time making 3/4 tights the perfect compromise.

The A400 tights Come in handy for night time sessions too, though we get very few dark nights this time of year. Come Winter they are an option but may warrant a full length alternative which I will review later.

skins A400 3/4 compression tights

Another great use – I found by chance – is protection against slips, trips and falls. SKINS silky material is very tough and durable. Bruising is inevitable but cuts can be avoided.

I almost had to call out Mountain Rescue climbing Snowden once. A friend slipped, innocuously, cutting his knee wide open on sharp rock. It wasn’t the force which caused the wound, it was the lack of protection against mother natures knife! Can’t say for sure but I reckon we’d have saved a whole load of trouble (and stitches) had he worn some 3/4 length tights as opposed to shorts.

Comfort and sizing

An ex Ballet Dancer myself, I am used to tight fitting gear but while running I need to retain the freedom of movement. The word compression is apt these tights are, well, tight but not restrictive, they move well and more importantly breathe.

During a 3 hour run around Buttermere, in baking heat, the light breeze seeped through and kept me cool. There is a saying, what keeps you warm in Winter keeps you cool in Summer and that is certainly the case here.

When you run, you sweat and sweat carries toxins, if those toxins stay on your skin long enough they will work back into your system. Wearing tights and arm sleeves can combat this by soaking up any moisture.

As for sizing, it couldn’t be simpler. Just use SKINS sizing calculator. They require your height and weight, thats it.

Get 20% off SKINS 3/4 compression tights

I have a special discount code for you to use across the SKINS website. If you fancy testing some gear nows the time to try.

For 20% off, making the tights £76 simply follow this link and enter ‘DARREN20’ in the discount code field upon checkout.

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