Training Recap Week 23 – The Shackles Are Off

You may be wondering, ‘what happened to weeks 21 and 22?’ or ‘does he really think we pay that much attention.’ Well, I spent the week skiing in Austria. A wonderful experience and hopefully a useful bit of cross training, but After missing 8 days training I was itching to lace up and hit the trails.

Prior to my trip the training plan ramped up with more intensity midweek and added distance on my longer runs. I started to really push myself with tough terrain and monster climbs (for me anyway.) Unfortunately, I went a step too far and wound up nursing a calf niggle.

The week off passed by but my niggle did not. Sooo, week 23 while a stride forward and progressive was a little tentative toward the end. Tuesday was a really tough session, pushing myself to gain speed. I cursed myself on Wednesday as tightness turned to pain. I got through my second run on Thursday, again nursing the calf and holding back with Saturday’s LSR in mind.

The farthest I have ever run is 13.4 miles and that took 2 hours 10 minutes a couple of years ago. So, to run 11.4 miles on Saturday at a much faster pace and after a tough week was a real positive. However, this is just the beginning, there is sooo much work to be done and just four weeks until the White Horse half marathon (well, its 16 miles in true Hardmoors style.)

Week 23 Training Recap

Monday – Strength and conditioning

Tuesday – Hard interval session – 7.38 miles (splits below)

Wednesday – Strength and conditioning

Thursday – steady run – 6.39 miles

Friday – Strength and conditioning

Saturday – LSR run in Dalby Forest – 11.4 miles

Sunday – Recovery run – 4.8 miles

Totals –  = 29.97 miles  = 4hrs 28mins  = 1782ft

On a side note, I’ll be crewing for Kim Cavill at the Hardmoors 55 on Saturday which will be a great experience. Need to get my LSR in at the same time, so that will force me into the hills again, I just hope my calf heals by then. Until next week, I’ll leave you with a photo of me skiing. 🙂

Darren Smith

Fairly new to Trail running, Darren sees 2017 as a transitional year. Swapping concrete for dirt and 10K’s for marathons and beyond. Darren started “Trailing The Pack” to chronicle his journey and share the trip with any like minded nutters.

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